Outdoor Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi Mobile Advertisement

Energy Efficient

Signmirror taxi top advertising signs consumes 100W on average, brightness is adjustable intelligently by the built-in brightness sensor. Precise power input technology allows red and blue diodes powered separately by different voltage. As a result, Signmirror taxi top led screen is 50% less than traditional LED display power consumption.

Mobility Generates Value

Signmirror taxi roof LED display is a new mobile media platform that could display advertising and news coverage. Different from traditional media, Signmirror car roof top display is able to switch advertisings intelligently according to location and traffic information through the built-in GPS module.

Slim And Light

Slim and light architecture, Signmirror taxi top advertising LED display cabinet weighs only 13kg.The thinnest part of the cabinet measures only 3.3cm, aerodynamic design results in low wind load.

Wireless & Remote Control, Smart Play List

All displays are able to be controlled by one terminal on mobile phone, computer and iPad. The commercial display is subject to traffic and location, when a car enters a specific area with the SignMirror car roof led display, the pointed commercial could automatically display the information.

Auto brightness, save power consumption

Consumes 70w on average. Brightness is adjust intelligently by the built-in brightness sensor. During daytime, brightness is automatically increase up to maximum brightness. During nighttime, brightness is automatically decrease to save energy. OLED information display

GPS:Speed, longitude, latitude, altitude, gps number
Display: Brightness, temperature, total time, uptime
Controller: Card, ID, IP, pixels

Customer's needs can influence the selection of colors.